Country Rap, Southern Hip Hop, however you want to describe it, WEST 10 is a unique group with a sound all their own.

West 10 consists of 2 legendary Memphis recording artists/producers; DJ Trick and J Cage.

DJ Trick aka Pa Pa Fresh has been a DJ, Producer, Studio Engineer, and Hip Hop Artist for 30 years. DJ Trick has an extensive portfolio producing for such artists as: Memphis God Father AL Kapone, Hypnotized Mindz INDO G, and the Legendary 2 Live Crew to name a few. The level of experience he brings to WEST 10 sets this group apart from todays average bands and music groups.

J Cage (formerly King JC) has released 17 solo albums plus 2 solo mixtapes and has been considered a pioneer of underground hip hop for decades. He has worked with DJ Trick exclusively since 1997. J Cage has toured and shared stages with the likes of Yo Gotti, Three-6-Mafia, AL Kapone, Gangsta Blak, Pastor Troy, Goodie Mob, and The Geto Boys. His record label Playalistic Entertainment has released over 50 titles since 1992 including 2 Live Crews Brother Marquise only solo album.

WEST 10 was a concept the 2 artists came up with while working on new music together after a 7 year break. It was obvious the 2 had matured as musicians, therefore, the music they were making was quite different from their previous releases. “We wanted to incorporate more live instruments into our music” said J Cage when asked about the new project. The group is continuing to evolve their sound and looks forward to making great music for many years to come. When asked the question “Who is West 10?” the group had this to say, “West 10 are two hip hop heads from the West Tennessee Countryside and our music reflects our environment.” West 10 is a little more rap than country, but these country boys from the south display their southern-country twang on every track. 808’s and Steel Guitars are primary staples in West 10’s production which classifies their music as Country Rap. One thing is certain, this talented group never disappoints, bringing heat on everthing they touch.

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